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Introduction of wrapping machine

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Introduction of wrapping machine

The wrapping machine is a type of machine that packs the product, which plays the role of protection and beauty. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of wrapping machines, hoping to help everyone.

  • An introduction to wrapping machines.

  • The company has wrapping machine products.

An introduction to wrapping machines.

Pallet wrapping machine is a type of machine that packs products, which plays a role of protection and beauty.

The tray wrapping machine is mainly divided into 2 aspects: 1. The overall production and packaging of the assembly line, 2. The peripheral packaging equipment of the product.

A pallet wrapping machine, a pallet wrapping machine, which manually wraps the packaging material on the pallet, the pallet wrapping machine is suitable for the outer packaging of the items stacked on the pallet.

Pallet wrapping machine is suitable for packaging goods sent on pallets (such as bulk containers, packaging of bulk pallets, etc.), and is widely used in glass products, hardware, electronic equipment, paper, ceramics, chemicals, food, beverages, building materials and other industries. Pallet wrapping machines can improve logistics efficiency and reduce losses during shipping. The tray wrapping machine has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof, and reduced packaging costs.

Pallet packing machine is suitable for packing cartons, paper bags, bottles, cans, barrels, building blocks, non-standard goods, etc.

The company has wrapping machine products.

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We have strong technical strength with a professional team specialized in logistics packaging automation system and packaging machinery R & D for a long time. Our company had a number of technical invention patent, and worked with the domestic well-known colleges and research institutes to establish a long-term technical cooperation.

The company's main product wrapping machine has grown from a single pallet wrapping machine to the full range of Stretch Wrapping Machines, Rotary arm stretch wrapping machine, Horizontal stretch wrapping machine, Ring type wrapping machine, High-speed ring wrapping machine, Cylinder axial wrapping machine, Cylinder radial wrapping machine, Luggage wrapping machine, Automatic laminating machine and so on. While maintaining the advantages of wrapping machine, we has successfully developed and delivered to use of logistics packaging lines in chemical fiber industry and automatic packaging lines in papermaking industry, chemical industry, metallurgy and building material industry household appliance industry and so on. It relates to the robot palletizer. PET automatic strapping machine full automatic wrapping machine. shrink packaging machine, case sealer, case unpacked roller conveyors, chain conveyors upender, smart mobile car, as well as data management systems, code-spurting, scanning, weighing, testing and other functions, and data can be collected and effective docking with the ERP.We can provide automatic pallet wrapping machine with Fu M type turntable, pallet wrapping machine with forklift slot, automatic pallet wrapping machine with cutting film device, stretch pallet wrapping machine and other products.

If you are satisfied with our company's wrapping machine, you can directly order or consult related questions about the wrapping machine. We will provide you with the best wrapping machine products and services and look forward to your visit.

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