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GNZ Centre Drive Efficient Thickener



GNZ centre drive efficient thickener is a kind of new-style solid-liquid separation equipment, and is designed by our company with the introduction of foreign advanced technology. The thickener has multiple national patents such as center drive, high-efficiency feeding hopper and automatic rake lifting technology. The adoption of the heavy-duty core design ensures the machine normal running in extreme conditions, greatly boosting the concentrating efficiency. GNZ type of high-efficient thickener achieves the efficient dewatering by the action of material itself gravity and flocculating settlement. The slurry is mixed with the flocculating agent in the feed tank and fed to the high-efficiency feed hopper (steady flow tank). After the degassing and energy dissipation by the steady flow tank, the material is fed along the horizontal tangent of the inner tank of the steady flow tank, which is equipped with multiple flocculent adding points based on the material nature; the material and the flocculating agent are settled downwards after mixed for the second times; then they are transported along the parabola direction by the distributor disc at the bottom of the tank; the settled material is scraped by the rake to the center throat of the pool body for centralized discharge.


-High concentrating and scraping efficiency is three to five times than that of ordinary thickeners

- Excellent Feeding System - efficient steady flow tank

- Ultra-heavy-duty drive lifting system and large torque designs to ensure the normal operation of

equipment in extreme conditions.

- Logarithmic spiral design and teeth density upon the nature of the material for rake teeth is greatly improves the efficiency of scraping


Whole Technological Design

Toncin determines reasonable plans and selections by conducting more systematic laboratory tests, semi-industrialization tests and theoretical analysis calculations and adopting appropriate methods in light of the actual problems faced by customers. And it determines specific parameters through laboratory tests and semi-industrial tests.

Project Construction

Toncin can provide customers with integrated project services for its perfect project management system and experienced high-quality team and can also provide customers with its best services in achieving the ultimate project goal by carrying out the management work on the project quality, schedule, safety, cost, procurement, information files, organization and coordination etc. according to customer’s contractual documents. Toncin contracts the design, procurement, construction and trials etc. for the entire process or some certain stages of the construction project according to the contract and takes full liability for the quality, safety, duration and cost etc. of the contracted project.

Response Time and After-sales Services

If any failure due to a defect has occurred during the warranty period, our company has given the following response and promise: to respond within 12 hours and rush to the domestic scene within 72 hours. With a rigorous and efficient service architecture, diverse and flexible service and response means, Toncin is capable of providing response service up to 7* 24 hours to ensure that users can get help at any time during the warranty period.


1.   Design of main driving and rake lifting gear
1)Driving framework and chassis are made according to heavy type transmission device,
running is stable and reliable.
2)full automatic rake lifting.
3)Star transmission,the max running torque is 5000,000Nm.The designed torque of driving
transmission Is designed according to following standards.
a.Running torque value: 33% of the designed torque.
b.High torque alarm: 50% of the designed torque.
c.Rake rising; 60% of the designed torque.
d.Rake decreasing: 40% of the designed torque.
e.The designed torque value of mechanical device: 150% of the designed torque.

2.   2 Control system
Site control and remote control are combined,DCS control points are supplied.
1,PLC control,overloading protection.
2,Material discharging terminal is set up with mud layer pressure sensor to control rotation and mud discharging by pump.

Product Application

GNZ thickener is a new High-rate thickener with central-drive, automatic lifting rake that we have developed based on foreign technology .It is widely applicable to treatment of various industrial feed pulp, like coals, metal ore dressing water,
metallurgy, chemical, tailings treatment, environmental protection etc.

This thickener consists of round thickener and harrow scrapping machine, the solid particles suspend in thickener settling by gravity, the pulp in the upper turn into clean water, so that the separation can be realized.  Slime that sediment in the bottom of the thickener is discharged by the harrow scrapping continuously, and clean overflow from the upside.










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