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Toncin High Quality Auto Chamber Once Open Filter Press

The SSPF smart row plate filter press is a fast opening and closing plate filter press which mainly consists of the electrical control system, hydraulic control system and the main engine.
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Product Introduction:

The SSPF smart row plate filter press is a fast opening and closing plate filter press which mainly consists of the electrical control system, hydraulic control system and the main engine. When the equipment is in operation, the mechanical transmission mechanism drives the hydraulic cylinder and drags it to reach the designated position. After the hydraulic cylinder is locked by the locking device, the hydraulic cylinder protrudes and the filter plates of the filter press are pressed tightly to form a filter chamber between the adjacent filter plates, with peripheries sealed. The materials enter each filter chamber from the feeding hole through the feeding pump at a certain pressure. The solid-liquid separation is achieved by the pressure difference formed between the two sides of the filter medium by the feeding pressure of the feeding pump. After that, the materials are trapped in the filter chamber and the filtrate is discharged from the water hole of the filter plate through the filter cloth. After a period of time when the filtrate no longer flows out, the filtration and dehydration process is completed. You shall stop feeding and determine whether to perform high pressure diaphragm squeezing, washing and drying in light of the process requirements. Then the hydraulic cylinder is retracted, the locking device in unlocked, the mechanical transmission mechanism drives the hydraulic cylinder, pulls out the filter plates and removes the filter cake and the equipment will enter the next filtration cycle after the filter cloth is cleaned.


Product Advantages:

- Low product water content: the final moisture of the material can be less than 6%. In filtering the flotation fine tailings of copper, lead, zinc, silver, antimony, molybdenum, phosphorus and gold etc, the economic moisture content can be < 10%.

- High production capacity: Under the same conditions its capacity per unit area is 5-10 times that of ordinary chamber press filters or plate and frame press filters. The maximum production capacity is to process 10,000 tons of dry slag per day, saving users a lot of land acquisition, plant and infrastructure investment.

- Simple structure, long service life: The thrust plate, pressure plate, main beam and cross beam in normal use are all guaranteed not to break for 5 years.

- Adaptability. It has operating examples in high altitude (4700m), low concentration (feeding concentration 15%) and fine particles (-400 mesh accounts for 95%), in which the filter cake moisture content is still <10%.

- Smart Control: Through the PLC+ touch screen intelligent control, a single operation cycle (from pressing the filter plates, feeding, pipe cleaning, squeezing, drying and pulling to discharging) is auto-completed with a single button, which greatly reduces labor intensity.

Service Support:

Whole Technological Design

Toncin determines reasonable plans and selections by conducting more systematic laboratory tests, semi-industrialization tests and theoretical analysis calculations and adopting appropriate methods in light of the actual problems faced by customers. And it determines specific parameters through laboratory tests and semi-industrial tests.

Project Construction

Toncin can provide customers with integrated project services for its perfect project management system and experienced high-quality team and can also provide customers with its best services in achieving the ultimate project goal by carrying out the management work on the project quality, schedule, safety, cost, procurement, information files, organization and coordination etc. according to customer’s contractual documents. Toncin contracts the design, procurement, construction and trials etc. for the entire process or some certain stages of the construction project according to the contract and takes full liability for the quality, safety, duration and cost etc. of the contracted project.

Response Time and After-sales Services

If any failure due to a defect has occurred during the warranty period, our company has given the following response and promise: to respond within 12 hours and rush to the domestic scene within 72 hours. With a rigorous and efficient service architecture, diverse and flexible service and response means, Toncin is capable of providing response service up to 7* 24 hours to ensure that users can get help at any time during the warranty period.








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