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Ceramic Disc Filter

TC series ceramic vacuum filter is a new type high-effect, energy saving filtration equipment, using vacuum and ceramic plate with micro-holes for solid-liquid separation. The plate material is corundum, resisting to almost all temperatures, and has a long operation life. The micro-holes in plates only allows liquid to flow through but not air and solid. Filtrate is drawn through the ceramic plates as they are immersed into the slurry cabin, and cakes forms on the surface of the Plates.


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  • TC Ceramic Vacuum Filter

  • Toncin

Ceramic vaccum filter

Products Introduction:

The TC series ceramic vacuum filter is an innovative and efficient filtration device that uses vacuum technology and ceramic plates with tiny holes to separate solid and liquid substances. The plates are made of corundum, a material that can withstand high temperatures and has a long lifespan. The micro-holes in the plates allow only liquid to pass through, while preventing air and solid particles from entering. As the ceramic plates are submerged in the slurry container, the filtrate is drawn through them and a layer of cake forms on the surface.

The ceramic filter is specifically designed for mining applications, providing high productivity and excellent process outcomes. It offers efficient dewatering, cost-effective investment, low installation and operating expenses, and a high level of safety. Our product is widely used in the separation of various types of mines, including nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, less-common metals, and electrolysis residue oxide. It is also suitable for filtering chemical slag and protecting the environment. The equipment can handle materials with fineness ranging from -200 to -450 meshes, including superfine materials.

Product Application:

Our product have found their wide application in the separation of selected mine and tails mine of nonferrous metal,ferrous metal,less-common metal and oxide of electrolyze residue,slag in chemical,environment protection and so on. The material fineness from -200 to -450 meshes and various superfine materials.

Product Specifications:

Model area(m2) Filter disc( circle) Filter plate(pc) Tank volume(m3) Installed power(kw) Operate power(kw) Main engine(L*W*H)(M)
TC-1 1 12 2 4.5 4.3 1.2*1.5*1.4
TC-4 2 24 1 6 5.8 1.6*1.0*2.1
TC-6 2 36 1.2 8 7.5 3.0*2.2*2.1
TC-9 3 36 1.7 9 8.5 3.0*2.8*2.6
TC-12 4 48 2.2 13 12.5 3.6*2.8*2.6
TC-15 5 60 3.7 13 12.5 3.8*2.8*2.6
TC-18 6 72 3.7 15 14.5 4.1*2.9*2.6
TC-21 7 84 4.8 17 16.5 4.6*2.9*2.6
TC-24 8 96 5.5 17.5 16.5 4.6*2.9*2.6
TC-27 9 108 6 17.5 16.5 5.2*2.9*2.6
TC-30 10 120 6.7 21 20.5 5.5*2.9*2.6
TC-36 12 144 8 33 32 6.0*2.9*2.6
TC-45 15 180 10 33 32 6.6*2.9*2.6
TC-60 15 180 12.5 47 46.5 6.7*3.3*3.0
TC-80 20 240 164 53 52.5 8.2*3.3*3.0
TC-102 17 204 185 71 70.5 7.9*3.6*3.3
TC-120 20 240 20 80 78.5 8.7*3.6*3.3
TC-150 25 360 24 92 91 9.2*3.6*3.3

Product Features:

  1. (1) Filter cake has low water content because of the high vacuum degree (0.090.098MPa).
    (2) The solid content of filtrate is below 50ppm. This means filtrate can be recycled.
    (3) It can save 90% energy or even higher on the contrary of traditional filter.
    (4) Filter cake cleaning process is added to clean some specific materials.
    (5) It is highly automatic and the labor input is low.
    (6) Compact structure covers less floor area, and is easy to install and maintenance.
    (7) Advanced drainage system fits for different working conditions.

Product Details:

Products Advantages:

Ceramic vaccum filter

  1. (1) Microvac (vacuum degree-0.09~-0.098MPa),low moisture of cake.
    (2) Solid content of filtrate<50ppm,which can be recycle use in the system.
    (3) Energy saving can reach 90%,low energy consume,low operation cost.
    (4) Filter cake cleaning system is added,which is fit for the material needs to be washed.
    (5) PLC and computer integrate with automatic valve control,high degree of automation reduces labor intensity.
    (6) Compact structure requires a smaller floor space and offers convenient maintenance.

    (7) Advanced drainage system ensures application in any operating conditions.

Service Support


  • Whole Technological Design

    Toncin determines reasonable plans and selections by conducting more systematic laboratory tests, semi-industrialization tests and theoretical analysis calculations and adopting appropriate methods in light of the actual problems faced by customers. And it determines specific parameters through laboratory tests and semi-industrial tests.

  • Project Construction

    Toncin can provide customers with integrated project services for its perfect project management system and experienced high-quality team and can also provide customers with its best services in achieving the ultimate project goal by carrying out the management work on the project quality, schedule, safety, cost, procurement, information files, organization and coordination etc. according to customer’s contractual documents. Toncin contracts the design, procurement, construction and trials etc. for the entire process or some certain stages of the construction project according to the contract and takes full liability for the quality, safety, duration and cost etc. of the contracted project.

Response Time and After-sales Services

If any failure due to a defect has occurred during the warranty period, our company has given the following response and promise: to respond within 12 hours and rush to the domestic scene within 72 hours. With a rigorous and efficient service architecture, diverse and flexible service and response means, Toncin is capable of providing response service up to 7* 24 hours to ensure that users can get help at any time during the warranty period.

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