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Complete equipment & technology
Toncin's complete set of equipment technology started from the research and development of the filter in the last century. In the 1990s, a new complete set of equipment technology, such as tailings dry drainage, was derived. The complete industrial chain makes Toncin complete equipment technology have high cost performance and high applicability.

Complete process design

Toncin carries out systematic laboratory tests, semi industrial tests and theoretical analysis and calculation, and adopts appropriate methods according to the actual problems faced by customers to determine the reasonable scheme and selection. The specific parameters were determined by laboratory test and semi industrial test.
engineering construction

Toncin, with its perfect project management system and experienced high-quality team, can provide customers with integrated engineering services, and carry out project quality, progress, safety, cost, procurement, information archives, organization and coordination management according to the customer's contract documents, so as to ultimately achieve the project objectives and provide customers with the best services. Toncin shall, in accordance with the contract, contract the whole process or several stages of the design, procurement, construction and trial operation of the project, and shall be fully responsible for the quality, safety, construction period and cost of the contracted project.

Response time and after sales service

In case of any fault caused by defects during the warranty period, our company will give the following response commitment: respond within 12 hours. During the warranty period, Toncin has the ability to provide up to 7 * 24-hour response services by virtue of its rigorous and efficient service architecture, diversified and flexible services and response means, so as to ensure that users can get help in time at any time.

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