Toncin Group Joined in 2017 Indian International Mining Exhibition (IME 2017)

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From November 8 to 11, 2017, the 2017 Indian International Mining Exhibition (IME2017) opened in Calcutta, India. The IME held biennially is the largest professional mining exhibition in India. And this exhibition was sponsored by the Indian Mining, Geology and Metallurgy Society and was co-organized by the India Coal Ministry, the Ministry of Mines of India, Ministry of Iron and Steel of India, Department of Energy of India, Department of Heavy Industries of India and other relevant government departments as well as the Coal Corporation of India. The exhibition was the most important and the largest professional mining exhibition in South Asia.

The visiting group of GE (General Electric) visited the exhibition booth of Toncin Group, discussed businesses and took photos there.

The officials of Chinese Embassy in India came to know about products of Toncin Group.

The design of the booth of the Planning Department of the Research and Development Center adopted a new version of VI and English logo, endowing Toncin new brand image.

Toncin Group showed its main products, systematic solid-liquid separation and power plant desulfurization solutions in a unified brand image. In this exhibition, the Research and Development Center and the International Business Center closely worked together and completed the work of shipping, design, building, scheduling and business etc. The new design of the exhibition hall, the exhibition board in rich content, the belt filter in high manufacturing standard, the informative multimedia interactive content, the carefully crafted model, abundant exhibits and exquisite gifts caused a sensation at the scene. The efficient and professional on-site team collaboration also has made Toncin Group’s overall image very impressive to experts and scholars in the filtration field, peers and customers in the exhibition. Through exchanges, Toncin has collected a number of potential customers’ information and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

Toncin represented the world image of China’s mining enterprises in this exhibition and stood out in many world giants, winning the Excellent Exhibitor Award by the General Assembly. As the only Chinese company to have received this award, it won high evaluation of officials of China’s Agencies in India and laid a solid foundation for further development in the South Asian markets and the world’s market. TONCIN has emerged in another ancient and civilized country.

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