Job Requirements
1. High overall quality and dedication, Party members and student cadres are given priority;
2. With profession, academic qualification and competency that meets the job requirements;
3、Good teamwork, verbal communication skills and adaptabilities;
4. Good health and mentality.

Benefit Package
Social Welfare: Pay six insurance and one fund
Remuneration Package: Annual Salary: 40-60 thousand yuan
Gift and Cash Gift: holiday benefits, birthday present
Living Subsidies: free dormitory, lunch subsidies, comfortable scheduled bus
Care for Health: free health examination
Activities: employee outreach activities, sports meetings, basketball games and other colorful activities
The company emphasizes internal personnel training and provides employees with diversified promotion channels.

Submit resume through website: log on Zhi Lian Hiring or Qilu Talent Network, search” nuclear industry Yantai Toncin Industry Co., Ltd.”, click relevant post and submit your resume.
Submit resume by E-mail: (Please mark the message subject: Name+ School+ Profession, send your resume in the attachment).
Campus Recruitment: Directly submit your resume in the job fair.
Contact Number: 0535-3379873 13793541054
Contact Person: Ms. Sun


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