Safety first

Toncin always puts the health and safety of its employees in the most important position in the operation process of the enterprise. Toncin implements a strong safety culture of responsibility and accountability, sets up the HSE strategic goal of "zero injury, zero accident and zero pollution", and makes every effort to ensure the health and safety of all employees, contractors and other interested parties.

HSE commitment

Through strict management, we will ensure that all our production activities conform to international practices, laws, regulations and local customs of the country and region where we are located on safety, environment and health.
Implement effective safety, environment and health training education and risk control, and provide strong human, material and financial resources support.
All departments and employees should set an example in safety, environment and health, and form conscious actions.
Provide our customers and users with high-quality services and products that meet the requirements of safety, environment and health.
In all cases, be honest about our safety, environment and health.
Our contractors and suppliers are required to follow the same safety, environment and health commitments.

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