HSE training
The continued attention and strict supervision of the state in the areas of employee rights, security, and environmental protection have made the management of the company's health, environment, and safety increasingly important.The company will further carry out HSE publicity and education, strengthen the construction of HSE system, improve the overall HSE quality and awareness of all the staff, further more standardize the construction of basic HSE system, promote the overall level of HSE management at the grassroots level, and provide a strong guarantee for the normal production and operation of the company.

HSE emergency drilling
Toncin combines emergency contingency plans and training together, whatever in the production plant area or at the operation base, the emergency drills are organized as planed so as to improve the emergency handling capacity of each employee.

HSE activities
Toncin has organized the richly colorful HSE activities, which has become an integral part of its employees’ work and life.

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