High speed ring pallet wrapping machine
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High speed ring pallet wrapping machine

Automatic high speed ring type wrapping machine suit for the packaging of goods in container, bulk or pallet, which widely used in food and beverage, electronic appliances, hanrdware machanical and papermaking, printing, metallurgy and building meterials industries, especially adapted to the logistics industry application of packing in stereoscopic warehourse.

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High speed ring pallet wrapping machine
Fast——equipment adopts horizontal ring type drive, running steady, noise lower. The packaging efficiency can reach 60-120 pallet/hour/ especially suitable for high speed packaging in drinks, food and chemical industries.
More——arbitrary position can starting wrapping, meet the diversified way of packaging , to adapt a wide range, with characteristics of application flexible, fast and efficient.
Save——can choose fully automatic single layer packaging according to the need, each pallet can save film more than 20 meters; which can save the packaging cost about 20000 dollars a year.
Better——as a new generation of wrapping machine, has revolutionary improvement and upgrading to the traditional mode.

7 advantage:
Cover small space, strong practicability.
More flexible form of packaging, arbitrary start position, save the packaging cost.
Film spread effect more homogeneous, packaging more beautiful.
100% without film head and tall, solve the unstable problem for film cut and clamp in domestic.
High efficiency, up to 60-120 pallets/hour.
Layout is more flexible, not limited by the transport direction. Can adapt to 90。Direction to feed out.
Can equip the top sheet cover function, is the packing efficiency 2-3times the of ordinary onlion wrapping machine.

Technical parameter:

Dimension 3400*2200mm
Work space 3400*2400mm
Wrapping efficiency 60-120 pallets /hour(according to specific packing goods)
Wrapping size(max) 1200*1200(мак)
Swivel speed 35-45rpm
Film carriage Power pre-stretch system up to 250 % with adjustable speed
Packing material LLDPE stretch film(width:500mm, thickness:20-35um, OD<260 mm, ID:76mm paper core;c
Conveyor line L:2800mm(option in addition)
Weight 2000kg
Hапряжение 380VAC, 50HZ, 4.5KW

*Machine can be specially made according to your requirements.

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