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In June 2016, we formed a group of companies.

I. group overview.

At present, the group of companies include Hejing Ceramic New Material Co., LTD., Sunny Rubber Co., LTD., Sunny Environmental Protection Co., LTD., Huzhou hehui machinery co., LTD., etc.. Sunny Enviroment Protection belongs to filtration separation equipment and technology and the main products are filter separation products. Hejing ceramic produce ceramic palte for ceramic filters and we develop our own ceramic crucible industry which is an key auxiliary materials for solar polysilicon casting field and Hejing developed into a research and development of domestic important crucible manufacturing enterprise. Sunny rubber's main products are rubber filter belt, rubber conveyor belt, rubber dam, ecological air bag support dam, and other products and rubber filter belt is mainly for the group company's matched filter. Products are widely used in urban water conservancy construction, the ministry of water resources expert appraisal, reached the international advanced technology level. Xinghe filtration Technology's products are filter cloth for filters. Langxin Aviation focuse on research unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Jingjiu Intelligent focuse on packaging machine. At present, the group company has basically formed the industrial pattern which is mainly based on filter separation machinery, new material industry and automation industry.

Business philosophy

  • Innovation Business Integrity
    Innovation as the source
  • Quality as rootHumanism
    Quality as root
  • HonestyPursue Excellence
  • Value as coreSocial Responsibility
    Value as core

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